A specialty pharmaceutical leader

MajorPharma established in 2008, is a unique specialty pharmaceutical company focused on manufacturing and providing high quality essential, effective and affordable pharmaceutical generic products for the people living in the Middle East and North Africa region.

MajorPharma believes that a serious commitment to quality and safe manufacturing procedures should meet a higher standard regardless of inner limitations.MajorPharma markets a broad portfolio of branded and generic pharmaceuticals for patients suffering from diseases principally cancer related.

MajorPharma markets more than two hundred products in Oncology, Biosimilars and general edications through operations and representative offices in Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Kurdistan and United Arab Emirates. The Company is continuously increasing its products and submitting the new generics to local Ministry of Health for registration and commercialization.

We are engaged in the research,development, manufacturing and marketing of our products through our North Carolina, USA based office. MajorPharma has been successful in searching out the best science and the best companies to acquire and partner with. Our core strength in healthcare comes from our focus on Oncology and Biosimilar strong range.

We are

Commited to Excellence

The commitment of the healthcare community to improve the quality of life is extraordinary and can be clearly seen in MajorPharma’s undertakings.

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Handpicked Products

MajorPharma’s products are constantly refreshed with the latest discoveries from the creative pharmaceutical labs that offer the absolute best of recent medical research.

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One-on-one health private consultations. Our medication experts may help you with the disease and educate you on how our medications work to keep the body healthy.